Attract Buyers With Outdoor Tips for Your Home


Outdoor space

Don’t judge a book by its cover is the saying.  However, when it comes to selling your house, the exterior must be just as important as what’s in the inside.  Many times sellers overlook the exterior of their home, when the exterior is a buyer’s first impression.  Having a beautiful outdoor space is appealing and draws the eyes of potential buyers.  Here are some modern trends that will entice buyers.


Outdoor Structures:

Outdoor structures can make yards more functional and very appealing.  Even something as simple as a storage shed which provides additional storage, becomes more functional for your backyard. Outdoor gazebos or pergolas are extremely attractive, they provide extended outdoor living space and shelter from the weather, attracting more outdoor living.

Privacy in Outdoor Spaces:

Outdoor spaces are considered an extension of the home.  Many people are using outdoor spaces for watching TV, reading books, or just relaxing by a fireplace.  An outdoor space doesn’t just consist of your typical lawn furniture.  Some spaces now have outdoor couches, chaises, rockers, and sometimes even special lounging beds.  When you are enjoying yourself in your outdoor living space, privacy is important.  Put up roman blinds around your pergola or gazebo, walls, or bamboo shading.  This will easily provide privacy when you are wanting to relax without feeling you are being looked upon.


outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens:

With nice sunny weather comes outdoor cooking.  Today’s outdoor space isn’t just about grills.  With more and more meals being prepared outdoors, an outdoor kitchen with a sink, range, or oven becomes more inviting to buyers.  An outdoor kitchen is another way to entertain guests outside the home and will attract potential buyers.

Outdoor Lighting:lighting

Having outdoor lighting is very appealing to buyers.  It allows the enjoyment of outdoor living even after dark for summer barbecues and outdoor parties.  Outdoor lighting not only provides lighting for nighttime entertaining, but increases security as well as it makes the yard more visible.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping:

Although many homeowners like to have large elegant looking gardens, this can sometimes be a deterrent for home buyers.  These types of gardens tend to be high maintenance and many buyers do not want to take the time with the upkeep that high maintenance gardens will need.  Therefore, when upgrading your garden, be sure that it is a garden that will be low maintenance for the buyer.  Planting perennials that come back every year that adds color to your garden is best suitable.  Adding rock or mulch to help prevent weeds will also provide a low maintenance garden for buyers.  Automatic watering systems will keep buyers from having to have watering schedules of outdoor plants.   Keep the aesthetics of the space low key and easy to keep care of.

Natural Wood and Stone:

A modern trend that buyers tend to be drawn to is the use of natural wood and stone in an outdoor living space, landscape, or exterior of the home.  Materials do not necessarily need to be real, faux wood or stone is just as good.  This provides an updated feel to an outdated space or home and helps it stand out from other homes on the market.

fire pit

Fire Pits or Fireplaces:

It only takes a small budget to add a fireplace or fire pit to an outdoor living space.  There are many do it yourself guides on how to build one.  Fireplaces and fire pits make an ideal spot to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, keep warm on cool nights, or just to kick your feet up and be hypnotized  by the flames.

Permanent Seating:seating

Built in seating is something that will help increase the value of your home.  Regular outdoor seating is nice, but doesn’t increase the value in the buyer’s eyes.  Consider a benchbuilt-in bench on the deck or a hard structure that stays on the property.  Today there are many projects that involve wood or cement blocks that are made into permanent seating.



There are many homes on the market for buyers to choose from.  Making yours stand out from the rest with outdoor features will attract buyers to your home.  Your outdoor living spaces can make a difference and may just be the icing on the cake for the buyer.