Medical Practice Assessment Tips

Are You Considering on Relocating to a New Practice?

Physicians that plan on relocating within one to three years should consider some factors before making their decision on where they should relocate to.  You have to think about what decision is right for you and what is right for your family.  It is obvious that the financial benefit is a considerable factor, but it is not the only factor to consider when relocating.  It is optimal to visit the area or community that you may relocate to, but before visiting it is essential to do your research.



When researching the area, you should take a look at the crime rate, the schools, stores, and other considerable interests concerning the area you are interested in relocating to.  After researching and you find the area comfortable for you and your family, contact a realtor ahead of time to find you homes prior to your visit.  Once you find an area or areas that are favorable, you will then want to assess the practice of opportunity.  Below are a few things you should consider:



  1.  Accept the process for what it is – focus on it.
  2. Make sure you understand the group’s vision that you may join.
  3. Is your specialty needed in the area?Image-Physician-Relocation-Will-You-Choose-the-Wrong-Home
  4. Are there resources available to establish a practice?
  5. Make sure the recruiting facility has a clearly written work schedule with patient volume and on-call expectations.
  6. Will the community meet yours and your family’s needs?
  7. What about the financial package?  Does it benchmark against the most recent physician compensation figures?
  8. Is the compensation structure what you expect from the position?



Although where you and your family resides is important, your practice is where you will be spending most of your time.  Therefore, it is critical to take in consideration the practice you are considering as well.  You will need to make your decision based on your family’s needs and your practice’s needs.