Moving from the Suburbs to the City with a New Career

If you are moving from a suburb to a city with a career change, you are in for a bit of a change.  Life is quite different than the small town you may be use to.  Things are not as slow as you are use to either.  So you will have to make some adjustments to your life while also adjusting to your new career.  You will want to familiarize yourself with the cultures, cultures that city people know and live by.  If you know these ahead of time before your move, your transition will be smoother.


When you live in the suburbs, your home is most likely between 1200 and 2000 or more square feet.  When moving to a big city, your options are slim and most city dwellers live in apartments.  Homes generally are available as well, but if you are planning on living deep in the heart of the city, apartments are going to be your best bet.  If you are moving to the city and into an apartment or maybe even a condo or town home, you will need to downsize your current home.  Sell things that you really don’t need, give away items, and maybe think about the size of your current furniture as to whether or not they may take up too much space in your new place.

Transportation:  transportation-ny-222

In cities, a vehicle is not your friend.  Traffic is a major issue and the time it would take you to get from one place to another could ultimately take up your entire day, not to mention run havoc on your car.  Public transportation becomes your friend in bigger cities, they know how to manage the traffic and any city street frenzies.  Learn the bus schedules, the subway systems, and taxi cabs know the streets.  It will be in your best interest for getting around in the city and getting to where you want to be on time.

Cost of Living:

Yes, you definitely can expect that everywhere you go in a city, that the prices will be much higher.  You will find yourself questioning how in the world do city people survive.  Well things are quite different in the city than in the country, rural area, or suburbs.  You will need to learn how to control your finances until you get the feel for the economy.  If you use public transportation, well that will save on gas money.  If you ate out a lot in the past, you will probably need to scale that back a bit.  It will be a shocker at first, but once you learn how to finance your money in the city, you will be soon adjust.

new-york-transportationStarting your Day:

Remember when you would walk out of your house 15 to maybe 20 minutes before you had to be somewhere?  Living in a big city isn’t that easy.  You are going to run into some delays somewhere on your route.  You will need to leave earlier than you normally would.  Even if your destination is only 30 minutes away from your home, you want to plan on leaving at least an hour beforehand.  Delays can be traffic, subway delays, bus problems, or anything for that matter.  Starting your day will need to change.  Account for what could happen on your way, instead of just saying “well it is only 20 minutes away.”

Parking your Car:

image_2_HR_8-6-NP_TAZ_double_signIf you do plan on driving your car, you will want to become familiar with the street parking laws.  They are much different than your small town.  If you do not familiarize yourself with the laws, you may wind up having more parking violations than you ever have received or your car towed.  Many streets are one way streets within the downtown area and the laws vary from street to street.

It will be very wise when you first get to the city to make friends.  They can help you make your way around the city your best possible way.  Your neighbors will be good sources, because they live where you live and can give you your best options for transportation, schedules, and routes.  They will also be able to point you to the local stores in the neighborhood, what neighborhoods to stay away from, and what are the best places to go.


Try not to be so overwhelmed, it will get better once you get to know the ropes.  It will be an adjustment, that’s for sure, but you will survive with preparedness!