Location, Location, Location

You might find your perfect home, but one thing to take into consideration is that you can’t just up and move your house if you end up not liking where it is located.  There are many factors to consider when you are on your house hunt and when moving to an unfamiliar area, it may be very difficult to know if the house you choose is where you really want to be.

Location! Location! Location!5es_map_1

Whether you are moving within state or across the country, you need to find the perfect house in the perfect location.  Do your research and ask your realtor all the questions you need to know everything to where you are wanting to move to.  You want to make sure that you are investing in a home that you will love as well as the location it is in.  Purchasing a home is a long term solid investment; so it is not as easy to just up and leave.

Here are some tips to ensure that the home you are wanting is where you want it:

Neighborhood:  One particularly important thing a family wants is to have a home in a safe neighborhood.  Or are you looking for that neighborhood where neighbors don’t lock their front doors? (yes, there are still neighborhoods like that)  Neighborhoods like these often depend on each other, trust each other, and are free to walk about on the streets and interact with their community.

Schools:  If you have children or plan on having children in the future, you should know how important the school district is.  You should find out all the facts about the school system.  Their ratings, successful state recognition’s and the values of that school.  Even if you don’t ever have children, you should always think about the school district for down the road when you may decide to sell.

Community Amenities:  Most people want to be close to all the amenities of the town or city where they live.  Being close to shopping, restaurants, beaches, and activities are a definite perk.  Although some people don’t mind being miles away from everything, most tend to want to drive only minutes to where they want to go.content_3

The Views:  Everyone would love to be “on the dock of the bay”, to see the sunrise and sunset over the water from their front and back porch.  Not everyone can afford this kind of view, however if you can afford such a home, again your initial investment of such will pay out when you want to sell.

Easy Access to Roadways or Transportation:  No one wants to drive or walk additional minutes just to get to the local bus stop or highway to get to work, although again some will.  For the most part, they want that short drive or walk to where they need to go.  Why spend the extra time just getting to where you want to be? It’s a waste of your day.  And again we must mention the convenience of this will impact the next buyer of your home.