Moving with Kids

So You are Getting Ready to Move.

But are you ready to move with kids as well?  Moving is stressful enough, but add kids to the mix and it becomes even more stressful.  Kids work off of a routine and a break in that routine or disturbance can cause havoc when a new move is at hand.  Here are some tips to help make a it a smoother transition not only for yourself but for your kids too!

  • Call a family meeting!
  • Explain to your kids why you are moving.  If it’s for a new job, tell them why the new job will be better.paintingwithkids2
  • Keep them in the loop.  Tell your kids what is going on.  It is important not to keep them in the dark.  Provide them with information about the move such as where you are moving, what school they would be attending and visit it if possible, and what the new neighborhood is like.  You might even think about taking them for a drive to the new neighborhood or show them pictures of the neighborhood and house.
  • Involve them with the move.  They will be more open to moving if you involve them with things such as packing, picking out new paint colors for their rooms, or even hold a garage sale where they can earn money for things they put up for sale.
  • Your movers should be caring movers.  They should be kind to your kids and be assured that their personal belongings are in save hands.
  • Ensure your kids that they can stay in contact with their friends.  It will be a difficult transition for them and they will have to most likely make new friends if you are moving out of the area.
  • Before you move let your kids throw a going away party where they can invite their old friends.  Let them have some fun!
  • When you have completed the move, make sure that you pay particular attention to the kids rooms first.  You want them to feel most welcome right away with all their things in order.  Have them help paint, unpack, hang things up, and make it theirs.


It is always difficult to uproot your home to a new home, and it can be a difficult challenge for you and your kids.  Keep their feelings and emotions in mind.  Don’t shrug it off as if it doesn’t matter.  The easier you make the move on your kids, the easier it will be for you overall.