Physician Solutions  

Needs Analysis

Purchasing a home is one of your most important life decisions. The process to successfully purchase a new home requires having an experienced team of service providers working on your behalf. Whether you are a medical student starting a new residency program, an attending physician looking to establish a long term ties, or a practicing physician relocating to this area. We can manage this significant event for you.

We start by reviewing your home needs. We listen to what you want and work tirelessly until we have found your property match. Here are a few issues you should consider.

  1. Do I have a preference for a single family home, condominium or townhouse?
  2. How long do I plan on living in this home?
  3. Would I rather live close to my employer or in a certain community?
  4. Do you have a spouse / significant other who needs to find employment?
  5. If you have children what is the plan for their education?

Best Practices

  1. Review needs analysis to confirm what is really important.
  2. Have mortgage financing evaluated
  3. Schedule a day to review at least three homes
  4. After each property visit list likes and dislikes
  5. Once a property is identified I review considerations for making an offer.

Community Statistics Report

Many times looking a home on the internet only tells part of the story. This is a big decision, that’s why I review a neighborhood and send a free community report for each home/area you are interested in.